ProForma Invoice (BYD)

Adding an extension field from another business object into a ProForma invoice.
“Pro Forma” invoice is a billing document created in the SAP Business By Design system to simulate real invoice values.  This invoice is created prior to the creation of the built in SAP BYD system invoice and it appears to be constructed exactly the same, once this invoice is created it is not treated as the system generated invoice therefore not requiring any posting to Finance Accounting (FI).

ProForma Types

In standard SAP, there are two pro forma invoice types:

  1. F5- Pro Forma for Order
    1. Used to generate the Pro Forma invoice based on the sales document.
  2. F8 – Pro Forma for Delivery
    1. Used to generate the Pro Forma invoice based on the delivery document.


We want to add an extension field which was created in Outbound Delivery notification to show up on our ProForma Invoice.


When a ProForma invoice is created, the system is not generating an invoice at all the key here is to recognize that the modify even still runs.  Therefore we don’t need to use “Process Extension Scenario” to extend the field from outbound delivery to customer invoice.

Process Flow

  1. Create a xbo for customer invoice with one extension field
  2. Create an after modify script and copy the value from Outbound delivery to Customer invoice via absl script. 
  3. Extend the field in Pro forma invoice form template as per the below screen shot. 



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